Friday, August 17, 2012

More Progress on Gentle Stitches and Kittens!

Here is my progress on Gentle Stitches. My next update should be a finish! 


I'm on vacation in Canandaigua, NY this week and soon after we arrived a small cat came and greeted us at our rental cottage, loudly begging for food. She was painfully thin but super friendly, so she probably used to be a pet and was abandoned. When I asked the owner of the cottage about her he said that she was just a stray who had been hanging around since February and to "ignore her and she'll go away." Well, that is just not something I could do. I started feeding her wet cat food three times a day, and after two days, we discovered her kittens under a bush! I think she learned to trust us and relocated her litter to our cottage. I couldn't believe that the mama cat had not only stayed alive herself but raised and nursed five chubby, healthy kittens. She really is a survivor and a good mama! I seriously contemplated taking the whole litter back home to Maryland to foster them and adopt them out, but thankfully my aunt found a volunteer organization that was able to place mama and all five kittens in a private foster home here in New York. The volunteer told me that ALL five kittens were female. Can you imagine how many strays that would have been in a few generations?

It was hard to part with them but I have pictures and nice memories of my few days with this beautiful mama and kittens. I'm sure the adorable kittens will have no trouble finding homes, but I told the foster mom to contact me if she has any trouble finding a home for mama. She truly is a special kitty and I would love to give her a home if she is unwanted, although I'm sure my two cats would have a tantrum.

Here are some pictures of mama and babies:

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Gentle stitches is looking great! I love the colors and the scissors going across the top. How lucky for that kitty momma and babies that you found them. They're all so adorable - I hope they find good homes.

  2. Your stitching is so pretty, Kate! I'm on my way to Canandaigua on Wednesday!! My parents live there as does my brother and his family. My parents can even see the lake from their balcony of their senior living apartment--such a pretty area, isn't it?

    What a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to care for such tiny kittens--they are just precious...Hope they find good homes very soon!

  3. Those kittens are all adorable! I hope they find good homes!

    Your Gentle Stitches is lovely, Kate.

  4. I'm so glad to have wandered across your blog Kate! Your kittens are precious and I love your stitching choices.